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Startups, Entrepreneurship, Tech, And Community Impact

Startups, entrepreneurship, tech, and community impact

North Central Washington has had its fair share of crisis during fire season in the last several years. Leveraging the ingenuity and experience of local entrepreneurs could provide timely support during these times of crisis.  A community can learn from other locations about how startups met challenges when disaster happened; the community of Houston is one example.

Hurricane Harvey and the resulting crisis in Houston presented immediate community challenges.  Local entrepreneurs involved in technology and innovation were uniquely suited to respond to the problem and quickly.  Matthew Marchetti and colleagues were app developers that used their experience to develop a rescue app to help their community.  The resulting app evolved into CrowdSource Rescue which is a resource that can be used for volunteer rescues during a natural disaster.  This startup has grown since Hurricane Harvey and its resources have been used to provide support in other communities in crisis from hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes.  Not only did community impact kick start this endeavor, but the community of Houston stepped up and built additional capacity to nurture and support startups.  CrowdSource Rescue is just one example of several startups that provided service in this community’s time of need.

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