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Are you an entrepreneur or startup seeking professional development opportunities? Are there conferences, events, or workshops outside of our region that would benefit the growth and development of our business venture?

Bigger urban cities often have workshops or conferences designed to support startups and entrepreneurs growing their business. Attendance at these events is a great way to connect, network, and engage with resources. However, finding funds to get there may be a challenge. StartUp NCW wants to help entrepreneurs in North Central Washington connect to these professional development opportunities.

StartUp NCW is offering potential funding for entrepreneurs or startups to attend conferences, events, or workshops in locations such as Spokane, Seattle, or British Columbia. Please complete the inquiry form to express your interest in this opportunity. Once we have received your inquiry, we will contact you to determine how StartUp NCW might provide funding.

Please note that any funds provided for professional development are reimbursements; funds are not provided in advance.

How it works:
1) Apply for funds to attend a select event, workshop, or conference relevant to StartUp or entrepreneurship growth and development that will be held in the Spokane, Seattle, or British Columbia area.
2) If your application is chosen for funding, you will be awarded the funds upon return from the selected events, workshop, or conference as long as copies of the event agenda, any applicable supporting documents, and proof of travel is provided.  We will help you with preparing this documentation.
3) Upon return from the event, workshop, or conference, you will be asked to write or interview for a blog post for the StartUp NCW website on your experience and learnings. The goal is to extend the benefits of your experience with the NCW community.

StartUp NCW Professional Development Funds application