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License and Permits

Governor’s Office for Regulatory Innovation & Assistance – State of Washington

The Regulatory Handbook contains information about local, state and federal permits, approvals, and licenses for Washington State. Although not a complete list, this list does provide in-depth information on most environmental permits.

The Regulatory Handbook also contains performance data on timeliness for specific permits per Chapter 43.42A. This permit timeliness performance data is also accessible in ORIA’s Central Repository on

Road Map for Opening a Business – Washington state

8 Steps to forming a business in Washington State

This is a road map for opening a business in the state of Washington. There are eight steps in the road map but not all of them will apply to your business.

Small Business Guidance in Washington state

Linking entrepreneurs and small businesses to Washington state agencies
Our service is free and we are ready to help.
We are Washington states’ Small Business Liaison Team (SBLT) and we’re taking action to make it easier to do business in Washington State – our vision is to make Washington the best place to do business.
Formalized and expanded by order of the Governor in January of 2012 (Executive Order 12-01), the SBLT includes 27 agencies participating in subgroups that focus on outreach programs, soliciting ideas for regulatory improvement, and developing new business tools.
Our Vision
Making Washington State the best place to do business.
Our Mission
We listen to businesses, then drive action to make it easier to do business in Washington State.

Small Business Guide – Washington state

This free guide provides links to valuable resources, and outlines the steps for starting and operating a business in the state of Washington (available in six languages).