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Commercial Property

Port of Chelan County

The Port of Chelan County is the county’s principal economic development agency and operates as an independent government entity under the provisions of┬áTitle 53 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).
Port of Douglas County

The Port of Douglas County takes pride in helping create jobs, overseeing public resources and serving as a leader in the community. We accomplish this task in a multitude of ways, including the development of our own business park at Pangborn Memorial Airport, installation of infrastructure for industrial growth, issuing bonds to further economic development projects, and assisting companies with retention or expansion needs. In a nutshell, we seek out and embrace strategic partnerships that will stimulate and enhance the community’s economy and quality of life.

Port districts in Washington state are unique entities. State law allows them to own, manage and develop industrial, transportation and tourism facilities. In the process, ports serve as conduits between the public and the private sectors.